My nose touched smooth fabric first and immediately, I could feel how much she wanted me. I was throbbing right now. Knowing how much she wanted drove me up the wall. The thin fabric easily slid to the side with some gentle persuasion from my curled fingers and my tongue flicked out to taste her for the first time tonight. The same electricity between our lips earlier was here as well. After a couple of gentle flicks across her, I wrapped my lips around her and began to suck against her. For a second, her entire body convulsed and I could hear her take in a deep breath and hold it. When the moment passed a few seconds later, she released the breath in the form of a low moan.

She was wet. Very wet. I removed the last thing between her and me and provided my lips with freer access to her body. My hands came to rest on the inside of her thighs as I let my lips release their hold on her and lap up whatever I could, savoring every single taste of her for a moment before clamping down again.